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How The Presidential Candidates Stay in Shape

The November Presidential Elections is almost upon us and this means candidates will soon be hitting the campaign trail. As the debates get fiercer hopefuls both from the Democratic and Republican Parties are getting ready to get their game faces on to get their party’s nomination. Contrary to popular belief hitting the campaign trail is not just about shaking hands and making speeches. It means travelling from one city to another in the hopes of winning votes. Stamina is needed for their grueling schedule. This is why candidates need to keep in shape. Here are some examples of how they do it.

Hilary Clinton, one of the Democratic hopefuls tries to avoid carbs and tries to do yoga as much as she can. As we all know, yoga is a great meditative exercise that is great not only for calming the mind but also the body. This can be very useful when you’re not only campaigning but also giving speeches multiple times a day.

Jeb Bush of the GOP on the other hand swears by the Paleo Diet. This kind of diet involves only eating food found during the Paleolithic times. It is heavy on lean meat and vegetables but low on carbs and dairy. While he does cheat from time to time like when the time he was caught on camera scarfing down a blueberry pie, he is crediting Paelo for his weight loss.

Learn More About the Republican Party

Another candidate on the campaign trail former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley works out regularly. He uses equipment like ellipticals which provide low impact workouts for his cardio needs. He is also known to avoid meat but loads up on vegetables. He says opting to go for healthy food helps with coping with the stress of campaigning.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is one of two doctors hoping to secure a nomination. He has a cool way of keeping healthy on the trail. Fast food is unavoidable during campaigns so his rule is to skip the fries. During sit down meals he also makes it a point to only eat half of the portions.

Aside from improved health and stamina, candidates want to slim down because it helps when you’re in front of the camera. President Barak Obama for example was known for his discipline during campaign season. He rose every day at pre-dawn to work out and keep fit.

Two years ago, presidential nominee hopeful New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had stomach surgery to make it look smaller. While he does not reveal how much weight he lost, he says he gets complimented a lot by potential voters.

The same is true with Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee even documented his 100-pound weight loss experience in his book “Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork”. He has also eliminated sugar, fast food and junk food from his diet.

Staying fit even before taking office is obviously a must when you’re president of the most powerful nation on earth. Making hard decisions every day comes with a lot of stress and being on top of your health can eliminate more stress related health problems in the future.

Who Came Out Strongest in the Latest GOP Debate?

It looks as though Jeb Bush and the other Republican presidential hopefuls have finally started working out, as the gloves have finally come off when it comes to holding Donald Trump accountable for his words. Trump was under consistent attack from Bush throughout the latest debate, who had no problem in repeatedly bringing up Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from the US.

What the focus finally turned to was who was the toughest when it came to foreign policy, and protecting Americans from the imminent threat of terrorism. No amount of free weight lifting can prepare a candidate for that position, as when terror does strike again – and it will – it will be he or she who will have to shoulder the blame.

Bush has been struggling in the polls, yet had no trouble in pointing out the fear raising tactics that Trump has been using to rally support. This worked to some extent, as the other candidates were quick to point out that it is easy to raise fear, but planning an effective strategy to wipe out terrorism takes a whole different level of strength.

And on that point they are right. Just like with building physical strength by adding weight to your dumbbells, you have to be prepared to add to your arsenal of weaponry to fight terrorism. Terrorism is not only fought with bombs and guns, it requires intelligence tactics and planning before it can be effectively wiped out. A weightlifter will use rowing machines and other equipment to gain his strength, and the GOP needs to start thinking about what other types of weapons they have at their disposal.

Since entering the race in June, Trump has continually belittled Bush, especially in terms of his energy and strength. On this night, Bush took the bait and replied to Trump’s insults; “Donald, you’re not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency – that’s not going to happen. Leadership is not about attacking people and disparaging people. Leadership is about creating a serious strategy.”

Surprisingly considering the polls, Trump’s rebuttal was received with boos from the crowd; “With Jeb’s attitude, we will never be great again, that I can tell you – we will never be great again.”

A presidential debate has not centered so much around safety of the American people, and their fear, since immediately following the attacks on September 11, 2001. The threat of terrorism has become the defining issue in the race right now, and the Republican candidates are sharply divided on the best method for fighting back and preventing further attacks.

The insults were targeted and apparent, with Bush calling Trump a chaos candidate who would make a chaos president. He even went on to insinuate that Trump’s only talent was at delivering great one-liners. Ironic, since the best one-liner of the night came from Bush when speaking of how Trump gets his military advice; “I wouldn’t get my information from the shows. I don’t know if that’s Saturday morning or Sunday morning.”

Now that’s entertainment.


Can You Really Tell a Conservative By the Exotic Car They Drive

There are no fine lines between a conservative and a liberal anymore. Or even a Republican and a Democrat. From their political beliefs to the type of cars they drive, you can now pick out the conservative easily in the crowd.

Let’s Talk Exotic Cars

Right now in the United States there is a corporate magnate who has his eye on the presidency. He makes no excuses for his self-made wealth, and is using his business savvy as a way to market himself for the position of the hardest job in the world. He is also a multi-millionaire who is not afraid to show off by driving around in an exotic car, that he bought with his own hard earned money. Is this not what capitalism is all about? Being able to pave your own way in the world, and then reap the financial benefits? That is all that Mr. Donald Trump has done, and he should be commended for his enterprises rather than raked over political coals because his exotic car is fancier than yours.

If liberals had that same gumption to get out there and make their own fortunes, they too could own the car of their dreams, rather than driving around in a hybrid while secretly renting an exotic car on the weekends to get lost in.

The Division of Wealth

There is a division of wealth, not only in the United States but around the world, including places North of the border like Vancouver. It is called Darwinism, which embraces the idea that the strong survive by being able to find solutions to problems, and then profit from them. The weak (poor) or only complain because they aren’t the one that thought of the idea first.

That division of wealth is what drives economies forward, creates jobs and allows people to achieve financial success. Nobody is holding anyone back, except themselves, when it comes to the pursuit of wealth around the world.

The Issues

There are other issues besides money which divide us from the liberals. Religious freedoms, gun control and providing health care to all have all been hot topics in the last decade for both parties. Meanwhile, as we focus on these trivialities, real threats are forming all over the world. Armed threats that have the ability to destroy our freedom and sense of security. Terrorism needs to be the only issue that is focused on right now, and finally finding a solution to annihilating it.

Let’s stop worrying about the type of exotic car the candidate is driving, and look instead on his or her plan on reducing the threat of homeland terrorism. As we sit arguing over our basic rights, they are being abused at a deadly rate by groups of individuals who place no value on human life.

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